Corrective Care Chiropractic


For years, a major concern of the public and myself has been, Why do I have to keep coming back when I’m pain-free? Or how do I know if I’m getting the proper amount of adjustments? People want to see and be able to measure their results. With corrective care’s cutting edge technology, you are now not only able to just see your changes but compare before and after testing.

Our Technology

Digital X-Ray
Digital hospital grade x-ray’s provide a window into the spine. Why guess when it comes to your spine and your health. Often problems lay hidden to just palpation and visualization. X-Rays are like a blueprint to a house, they tell us the underlying problem and how to properly correct the issue. By having initial x-rays we are able to see your progress by comparing before and after films.


Corrective care chiropractic is very similar to braces on your teeth. This is the process patients
follow in order to begin to correct their spine back into the proper alignment.


Purpose: Like the warm-up prior to a workout, your spine needs to “warm-up” before adjustments to be most effective. Warm up the spinal structures in your neck, mid and low back to reduce elastic tension built up through the shoulders, neck and back.

Wobble Disc: Increases range of motion in your lumbar and thoracic spine with increased lumbar disc mobility and rehydration.

Repetitive Cervical Traction: Relieves stress/tension in the neck. It helps elongate and decompress the spine rehydrating the discs. Repetitive cervical traction “pumps” nutrients into the discs.


Specific adjustments are then made to the spine using decompresive manual adjustments (no neck twisting) and state of the art adjusting tools. X-rays are used in order to know precisely where and how your spine needs to be adjusted to make lasting changes to your spine and overall health.


Your body has memorized your posture pattern and does not vary from that. That posture pattern must be re-trained. Immediately after your adjustment specific neuromuscular re-training will be performed in order to hit the “reset” button on your posture. This is done through individualized spinal weighting to mold the spine back into the correct position.

Vibe Plate: The vibration amplifies the communication throughout the body. Stimulation of core stabilizers helps maintain structural changes made during your treatment. If the set phase is not done, the changes made will only be temporary. Stabilization is key to regaining youth, vitality, and lasting change.

Spinal Weighing: Correct weighting for each patient, retrains and resets muscles and ligaments to hold and support the spine back into its proper position.


Each of the following before and after x-ray results were achieved through our corrective care treatment
program at our office. The length of the corrective process varies by individual case