New Patients


Champion Comprehensive Health Centers prides itself on transparency and integrity. Our process is designed to diagnose and expose the root cause of your issues. We will then come up with a customized treatment plan designed to get you well. When you visit our office, here is what to expect.

We Listen To You

We care about what you have to say, how it’s affecting your health, and what goals and concerns you may have. You are NOT a number but a valuable individual that we will work together with to get you well. Please tell us everything you feel is important to your individual case.

We Explain What We Do Next

We will explain what our approach is to your problem and how individual therapies we offer ties into solving the cause of your health problems.

We Perform A Thorough And Extensive Exam

We focus on performing a complete bio-structural evaluation. We utilize state of the art thermographic and neurologic testing along with the utilization of digital radiological testing (x-rays) as needed.

We Follow Up With A Detailed Report

Don’t you really want to know what your health challenges are and why you have them? Instead of just following us blindly, we sit down with you and answer all your questions. We show you your results of your testing and explain your treatment plan and outcomes.

Please download our New Patient paperwork and bring them completed to your first appointment!

New patients
New patients


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